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a. Must be citizen of India.
b. Possess an Indian passport valid for minimum 6 months as on 1st September of the current year.
c. Age should be minimum 18 and maximum 70 years as on 01 January of the current year.
d. Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 or less.
e. Physically fit and medically healthy for undertaking the Yatra for religious purpose.
f Foreign nationals are not eligible to apply; OCI card holders are, thus, not eligible.

CONDITIONS:- Applicants may carefully note the following conditions before applying for the Yatra:

(a) Incomplete applications are liable to be rejected and will not be included in the computerized draw.
(b) Incorrect or false information in the application form will be ground for disqualification at any stage, including during the Yatra.
(c) It is the applicant's responsibility to feed accurate information,complete in every respect including name spellings, date of birth, etc.
(d) Should not suffer from medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, epilepsy,etc.
(e) Selected applicant will need to undergo and qualify specified medical examinations conducted by the Delhi Heart and Lung Institute, and the ITBP Base Hospital in New Delhi
      for high altitude endurance
(f) Any Yatri found medically unfit for high altitude endurance at any stage will not be permitted to continue the Yatra. [Please see Medical Tests conducted by Delhi Heart & Lung
      Institute (DHLI)].
(g) Any Yatri disqualified on medical and/or other grounds at any stage of the Yatra will forfeit the Confirmation Amount and other payments made earlier.
(h) The Yatra batches will leave on scheduled dates even if any selected Yatri is unable to join the group as per scheduled itinerary.
(i) Applicants going for the first time would be accorded priority over those who have already been for the Yatra organized by the Ministry in any previous year.
(j) There would be a moratorium on applicants who have already been on this Yatra organized by this Ministry more than four times in previous years. The decision of the
      competent authority in this Ministry would be final, and no representation in this regard would be entertained.
(k) Applicants against whom any legal or executive sanction is in force, or which debars the person from travel abroad would not be eligible to apply for the Yatra.

Click here to see Yatri Conduct and Discipline

The Kailash Manasarovar Yatra (KM Yatra) organized by the Ministry of External Affairs is for religious purposes and any applicant selected for participation there to would be known as a Yatri. All Yatris are expected to conduct themselves as becoming of a pilgrim, to uphold the basic tenets of piety, peace; and cooperate with fellow Yatris of the batch to maintain harmony.Instance of indiscipline which would jeopardise his/her own safety or that of fellow Yatris, willful deviation from prescribed itinerary; breach of instruction laid down in the relevant Guide for Yatris', and or from the concerned Liasion Officer,and or from local authorities; and or any activity impinging on national interest etc., would attract penalty to be decided by a Disciplinary Committee.

The Disciplinary Committee constituted for this purpose under the directive of the Minister of External Affairs, would include the following officials:
Director (East Asia)
Ministry of External Affairs

Deputy Secretary/Under Secretary
(Vigilance/Inspection), Ministry of External Affairs

Official from the Indo-Tibetan Border Police
(to be nominated by ITBP)

Liaison Officer from any previous year
(to be nominated by the Ministry)

A show cause notice issued to the concerned Yatri would provide an opportunity to defend through a written submission. The Disciplinary Committee would consider the written submission of such Yatri and decide appropriate penalty to be imposed on the Yatri responsible for such acts of indiscipline. The decision of the Disciplinary Committee would be communicated to the concerned Yatri on completion of the process. If such Yatri is aggrieved by the decision of the Disciplinary Committee, he/she can file an appeal before the Appellate Authority of this Ministry within 30 days from the communication of the decision by the Disciplinary Committee.

Penalty likely to be imposed by the said Committee would be decided on merits, and may include, but not limited to, withholding of Yatra Completion Certificate, ban on participation by the individual Yatri in future KM Yatra organized by the Ministry of External Affairs, recommendation to concerned State Government for withholding any Yatra related assistance extended to such Yatri; without prejudice to recommending any other legal action by concerned authorities under the law.

An appeal for review of penalty imposed by the Disciplinary Committee may be made in simple application giving brief details, and clearly mention grounds on which the appeal should be considered. The appeal should be addressed by designation only to the official mentioned below :

Joint Secretary (East Asia)
Ministry of External Affairs
Room: 174, South Block
New Delhi -110011

The Appellate Authority would consider the appeal of the aggrieved Yatri within reasonable time, and the decision of the Appellate Authority would be conveyed to such Yatri in writing. The decision of the Appellate Authority would be final in the matter.