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Selection Process

1. Draw of lots :Yatris will be selected and assigned to different routes and batches by the Ministry of External Affairs through a fair computer-generated, random, gender-balanced selection process. At the application stage, a group of two persons may give the option to travel together in the same batch. Efforts will be made to accommodate such requests as far as possible, subject to eligibility conditions of each applicant. Application should be completed on-line for each applicant.

2. Intimation: Selected applicants would be informed through automated messages to their registered email id/mobile number after the computerized draw of lots. Status updates may also be accessed through IVRS helpline 011-24300655


3. A route and batch once allocated to a Yatri through the computerized process will normally not be changed. However, if there is a need for doing so, selected Yatris may request for change of batch providing justification for the same. Subject to availability of vacancy, the decision of the Ministry in this matter would be final.

4. After the computerized draw of lots, each selected applicant will be required to confirm participation by crediting the non-refundable Confirmation Amount detailed in 'Fees and Expenditure for Yatris' into designated bank account of the Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam (KMVN) or, the Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation (STDC) before the cut-off date.

5. If payment is not received by KMVN / STDC by the cut-off date, such Yatri will be automatically removed from the selected list to wait list for the batch, and request from other Yatris would be considered as mentioned in para 3 above.

6. Yatris confirmed in a batch may be required to re-confirm their participation in the batch before their arrival in Delhi for the Yatra. The reconfirmation has to be done online at the website. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of their name from the list for the batch.

7. Confirmed Yatri must report on the scheduled date & time at Delhi Heart & Lung Institute (DHLI) according to the itinerary for the batch. Failure to do so would result in cancellation of their names from that batch. All Yatris in a batch must travel together and return back with the same batch.

8. Registered/waitlisted Yatri may also report at DHLI for inclusion in a batch against any drop out, subject to availability of vacancy arising due to this reason.

9. Important Documents : Selected and confirmed Yatris must ensure to bring following documents with them when they arrive in New Delhi for the Yatra.

(i) Ordinary Indian passport,valid for at least six months as on 01 September of the current year.
(ii) Photograph - color, passport size (6 copies).
(iii) Indemnity Bond executed on a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.100, or as applicable locally, and authenticated by a First Class Magistrate, or Notary Public.
(iv) Undertaking for evacuation by helicopter in case of emergency.
(v) Consent Form for cremation of mortal remains on Chinese side in case of death there.

10. If any of the documents mentioned in para 9 above are not submitted, or not in conformity to the requirement for the current year, or deficient in any aspect; the Yatri may not be allowed to proceed for the Yatra. The decision of the Ministry in this matter would be final, and no representation would be entertained in this regard.

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